The Lipstick Trick

Ask someone for some lipsick, and ask them to open it. then once they have handed it to you mark your finger tip with it(dont show or tell them that you did!) once you have hand it to the person next to you. ask the spectator to hold out there hands. and once they do lift them up a bit. when you lift them up mark the bottom of the spectators hand with the lipstick. after that ask them weather they are right or left handed(after just tell them to put the hand down thats not marked). after that you take the lipstick and place your hand on top of there hand and mark the top of your hand. after that, start rubbing the lipstick in and tell the spectator that they will feel a warm sensation(90% of the time they will feel it) after its all the way gone have them open there hand and its suddenly on the bottom of there hand! Practice! Practice! Practice!

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