The Oddest Card

by Dylan Scott

Effect: You will always be able to find the spectators card!

Secret:Separate the deck of cards by colour. Make a pile of red cards and a pile of black cards. Put any of the two piles on top of the other, so that your deck is separated into two different coloured halves. Do this before the audience arrives. When your friends are here, you pick up the deck and hold it face-down in your left palm if you are right-handed and in your right if you are left-handed. With your other hand, begin to flick the cards with your thumb at the end nearest you. This way, you are the only one who sees the faces of the cards. Now, begin to flick the cards upwards from the bottom of the deck.You don't want to see the numbers and suits. All you want is to cut the deck at the point where the colour changes from black to red or red to black. Cut the deck so that you have once again the red and black piles from the preparation. Make sure the audience does'nt see this. Now, all you have to do is ask for a volunteer. Ask him/her to pick a card from one pile (we'll call it pile 1). He/she is to put the card into the other pile (pile 2). Pick up pile 2 and search for the card from pile 1. For instance, Pile 2 is full of red cards and pile 1 is the black pile. The chosen card will be the only black card in pile 2!

Tips: Please do NOT let the volunteer shuffle the cards! Because if he/she does, you won't be able to find the card!

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