The penetrating coin

by Xavier Chua Wei Cong

Effect: a coin magically penetrates into a bottle of drink.

Explaination: before this trick, you will have to stick a coin to the underside of a bottlecap using tape (or something sticky) and make sure it can drop when you hit the cap hard. Then, at the start of the trick, invite a audience to the stage to inspect the bottle only to make sure that there are no holes. Then, tell the person that you are going to close the bottle with its cap tightly. Making sure that the person does not see the underside of the cap. You then close the cap and tell the person to check that the cap is closed tightly. Tell the person to tape the bottlecap to the bottle's neck (still making sure the person does not see the coin). Then, take out the same type of coin (or you can lend one) and use it to tap the bottlecap, make sure the coin does not drop. Tap the coin on the bottlecap counting 1, 2, 3. At the third count, hit the bottlecap so hard that the coin drops. While the audience is amazed at the sight, slide the coin into your pocket without being noticed.

Tip: do not stick the coin too lightly or it may drop during the trick. Do not stick too hard or it may not drop during the trick.

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