The Royal Family (card trick)

by Chris Mclaughlin (12 years old)
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

Effect:The effect is all the kings are with the kings, all the queens are with the queens,and all the jacks are with the jacks.

Secret: Get a normal deck and take out all the queens, jacks, and kings (there should be 12). Only use the 12 cards. Put the kings and jacks in a pair with a king on top of each jack. This way the kings will end up with the kings, and same for jacks.Put them in a pile in the pattern and put two queens on the top of the mini deck and on the back of the mini deck. The queens should always stay together. Cut the deck a couple of times. Before you put them in a pile the queens should be on the bottom. When your done cutting the mini deck then put the cards into a pile like your dealing out cards on a table. As you deal make sure youmake two piles deal 1 card on the left and 1 card on the right. Those piles will be the kings and jacks. Deal the cards back and forth until there is 4 cards in each pile. The last four cards should be the queens.(Make sure as your dealing every card is face down). When you put the queens down take 1 pile and turn it over show that it is all kings or jacks, then throw it aside. Do this three times.( As your doing this trick you can make up something that tells why the Kings, queens, and the jacks like to be seperated.

I'm a twelve year old kid and i hope you like this trick.

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