The three thieves

by nick
(Texas, USA)

Effect: You tell a story about 3 thieves (3 jacks) and suddenly there surrounded by cops (kings)

Secret: put a king then a jack then another king at the bottom so that the jack is in between and put a king on top of the deck start by telling the story like one day three thieves (show the three jacks) wanted to rob a house one entered through the front door (put one jack on top of the deck) another thieve entered through the window (place one jack anywhere in the deck) and one entered through the back door (put a Jack on the bottom of the deck) then say that a cop saw them in the action and called for back up and entered through the front (put the king on top of the deck) then say that it took some time for back up to arrive (while saying that cut the deck twice) then say the cops finely surrounded the robbers (fan the deck and show the 3 jacks surrounded by kings

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