The Year Game

by Luke

By the spectator answering some questions the magician reveals the spectators card.

Start with a Joker on the bottom(don't let the spectator see)

Have the spectator pick any card, remember it and then place on top of the deck.
Have them cut the deck, marking the spectators card with the joker on top of it, have the deck cut a few times if you wish.
You then say "I need my joker on the bottom for this to work" or something like that.
As the Joker is above the spectator's card, whhen the joker is placed on the bottom place all the cards above the joker on the bottom with, now you have the spectator's card on top again!
You then ask "How many weeks in a year?"
Hopefully the spectator should reply with the answer 52.
You then deal 5 cards out one on top of the other and beside it 2 one on top of the other after that, you put the pile of 2 on top of the pile of 5, pick them up and place them back on top of the deck.
Next you ask "How many months in a year?"
They should reply 12.
You then place 12 cards in a pile one on top of the other, pick them up and place them on top again.
Finally ask "How many days in a week?"
Spectator answers 7 and you place out a pile of 7 cards one on top of the other, pick them up and place them on top of the pile.
You take the top card and send it to the middle of the deck, revealing the next card to be the spectator's card!

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