tore and restored napkin

by Nate
(the united statesgerman)

the effect is you take a napkin and rip it up you put in your hand ball it up. grab the pen that is in your back pocket.You bring out the pen wave it over the napkin. Put the pen in your back pocket. Blow on the napkin unfold it and boom. your torn and restored napkin.
THE SECRET You take a napkin you put it in ur hand,then you ball it up,making sure ur no one can see it take another napkin rip it up. Then you put the torn napkin under the complete napkin in your hand you ball it up,then put the complete one in your left hand. Take the torn napkin hide it in your hand, take that hand grab your pen in your back pocket we'll your doing that make sure u secretly put the torn napkin in your back pocket. then you put the pen over the napkin put it in your back pocket. blow on the napkin unhold it . Kapow you restored a napkin.

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