Travelling Coins

by Nitish Kumar Thakur

THE EFFECT: A coin is held in one hand, both hands are placed quickly face down on the table. The hands are lifted to reveal the coin has passed from one hand to the other. This time two coins are placed in each hand and one coin magically passes from one hand to the other!

THE SECRET: Place your hands palm upwards on the table and have a coin in the palm of your right hand. Turn the right hand quickly, moving it very slightly towards the left. The result being that the coin is shot from that hand under the left which is turned just a little more slowly.

With a little practice the coin can be shot from hand to hand without it being seen. Ideally your hands should be about eight inches apart. You can then do the trick with a coin in each palm and make one coin travel across.

To repeat the trick in a different manner take a coin in each hand, closing them and resting their backs on the table. Borrow two more coins (all four must be of the same value) and have them placed on the finger nails of each hand.

Each hand now has two coins, one inside and one outside. Turn your hands quickly palm down and perform the move. All four coins should now be 'magically' under one hand!

TIP: Experiment with the move to see if you can get just one of the two coins to move across.

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Aug 28, 2009
by: Anonymous

i already knew that one but, what you should do is palm a quarter and set 2 more out on a table, stick a hand over each quarter, and release the one your palming and palm the other quarter with your other hand.

Oct 07, 2008
by: Anonymous

not gud........

Sep 17, 2008
by: Debayan

Really awesome trick! I like it.

Sep 13, 2008
by: Anonymous

This one is awesome, with a little practice I have mastered it and others can too! Thanks for sharing it!!

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