Ultimate Card Location

by Eddie Green
(Palm Coast, FL)

THE EFFECT: A spectator chooses a card from the deck. They memorize and return it anywhere they want in the pack. They then shuffle the deck and hand it back to the magician. The magician cuts the deck to ensure the cards are well mixed. The magician holds the deck firmly and slaps it!

All the cards fall to the ground... except one! The spectator reveals, for the very first time the name of their card. The card is turned over and it's the spectators card!

THE SECRET: First you need to force a card on the spectator. (Learn a force by signing up to this site HERE. You get a free digital book with great forces in it!)

After the spectator shuffles the deck, look through it until you find their card. Cut the deck so that their card is on the bottom of the pack. Look as if you are trying to find their card, but having real trouble doing so. (This gives good misdirection to what you are actually doing).

You can do a false cut if you wish (I do!) Then hold the deck face down with the tips of your fingers, secure it with your thumb on top. Slap the deck with a downward/back motion and all the card will fall except for the spectators card.

TIP: Practice this move until you are comfortable doing it live.

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Jun 03, 2010
by: shouvik sarkar

neither very good nor very bad

Aug 28, 2008
Very Nice
by: Debayan

Really good trick, I like it!

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