Ultimate Telepathy

by Jonathan
(Elkhart, In. United States)

THE EFFECT: Have someone choose a number between 1 and 5. Once they've got their number, have them put their fingers behind their back to show their group of friends the number.

Have them bring their hands back to their sides without showing anything to you. Lift up a hand (either one) and curl all your fingers up into a fist and tell them to imagine their number on your fingers.

Within 5-7 seconds you slowly reveal their number. This can be repeated with the same or different person and with a number between 1 and 10 (can only really go up to ten).

THE SECRET: A friend in the audience is in on the trick. They have been taught a certain type of posture for each number. When you choose someone from the group and have them think of a number and show it to the rest (Ex: 5) you have your assistant standing their with their arms FOLDED. This is the secret code!

Arms by there side could mean the number 2 and so on. This code needs to be learned between you and your secret assistant.

While you volunteer concentrates on your fist, you look through your fingers, over the volunteer's shoulder and at your assistant. You can then reveal the number!

THE TIP: If you can remember up to 10 different postures you can get the audience member to think of a number between 1 and 10.

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Jun 02, 2013
The Code
by: Jansen

The code could be:

1 - raising arm
2 - raising both arms
3 - arms shaped like a ' V '
4 - an arm touching the elbow of another
5 - curved arm and bended arm

Apr 01, 2012
do they
by: Anonymous

do real magic people actually use telepathy?

May 25, 2010
Response to comment Below
by: Anonymous

i don't see why...every time i perform it people love it, that's what i go for...i made this when i was younger...and the next time you see a real mentalist,let me know!

May 25, 2010
by: Tom

Does anybody thinks that real mentalists do their tricks by ,,ULTIMATE TELEPATHY". My opinion is: If you need somebody from the audience, it's odd and silly, cause you can't be happy about surprising faces in the audience at the end of the trick.

Oct 10, 2008
by: Anonymous

Like the magazine trick. Good for a small crowd.

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