What the...

by Jarrad
(New York)

Effect: A spectator chooses a card and places it into the deck wherever he/she wants. You snap your fingers and look through the deck and there card is face up!!!

Preparation: turn the bottom card upside down

Steps: 1. run through the card starting from the top

(don't let them see the turned bottom card)

2. turn over the deck without them noticing

(eg. tell them to show it to someone and turn around so you "can't see it")

3. tell them to slip it in the middle of the deck

(they think the deck is fine because the original bottom card/current top card is faced down)

4. put the deck in your left hand and put it to your waist and showing them your right hand say "nothing in this hand". During this turn over the deck without them noticing.Misdirection)

(they are focused on your right hand)

5. say "by looking at the backs I will reveal your card. Run through the cards until you stop at there's.
(The real amassing part is the card is flipped but it is a better presentation to do it this way)
(Don't let them see the bottom card)

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