wonderful website

by Asim

Hi,I am Asim,one of the members of your wonderful website.I have learned many magic tricks from your site.I am 16 years old and live in Pakistan.Here in Pakistan I get to learn many tricks of Asian origin.However there are many tricks which no one gets to see here,like the healed and sealed.Thats where your site comes in.People literally flip their minds when I show them a trick I have learnt from freemagictricks4u.com.Although I have been in magic for around 5 years,I know tricks half the magicians around me dont.Like I mentioned before,performing the healed and sealed seemed a dream to me 5 years ago,but now I can actually do it.I see that new tricks are added to this fmt4u.com every few days,which helps intermediate level(and amateur)magicians like me a lot.I really loved the criss angel section you put up on fmt4u.com.I also liked the rubik cube mystery solution,which threw each of my friends into a "pleeeease tell the secret!" tantrum.I never thought I would find a magic website which would be so friendly and so free.Hats off to fmt4u.com.Lastly,I've sent some amazing tricks to your website but they never appear on fmt4u.com.I always want to send new tricks to thank fmt4u.com for providing such a complete magical institution online.Okay,bye for now.Please send me the DVD.BYE!

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