You're Telepathic!

by Derrick
(Brisbane, Australia)

Here we are, you have created a magnificent magic trick, but you have no mind reading tricks? No need to fear! With this trick you don't even have to use your brain, but instead your audience will be using their brains, and your volunteer will exit feeling happier than ever with himself because he is telepathic!

This magic trick has such a simple answer, though, that all you have to do is raise an arm, but more of that later.

What you need: A deck of cards and a chair (preferable, but optional.)

The Effect:
The magician smiles and claps his hands together, calling over a volunteer. When everybody puts up their hand, the magician chooses just one, who comes up on stage. The magician motions for the volunteer to sit on the chair. She happily does this. The magician shows her a pack of cards, and tells her to pick one, but not to show the audience. The magician takes the card and puts it down away from the audience.

Now the magician stands behind the volunteer and tells her to close her eyes and concentrate hard on sending a telepathical message to the audience about what card she chose. When she is finished the magician asked the audience what card it was, but they are all confused.

The volunteer tries again, but again there are blank faces. The volunteer tries one last time, harder than ever, and when the magician asks the audience, hands shoot up all around. Amazingly, the audience gets it right!

The Secret:

It's quite simple. The volunteer will have tried two times, but with no success. Here you do nothing. Then comes the third time. Remember what you did in the beginning? Yes! You put the card on another spot. While the volunteer closes her eyes and tries hard, simply pick up the card and show it to the audience (you should be behind the volunteer.

Quickly put back the card and stand just like you were before. When the volunteer opens her eyes, she will recieve the shock of her life when she discovers that the audience knows here card.

Telepathy, or a simple secret?

If you want to be the Go of the Show...
Go silly. Get the volunteer to wear funny sunglasses and/or put a egg mixer to her head and turn it. Or get her to dance with her arms etc. The volunteer will be so humiliated that she does not even think of what you're doing.

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