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Ok over to you! This is the place for you to share your most amazing free coin tricks with me and the rest of the world.

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Do you know an amazing free coin trick? Are you a dab hand at coin slights? Why not share them with thousands of visitors a day from all over the world? Share your free coin trick now. I can't wait to be amazed!

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Learn Other Visitors' Free Coin Tricks

Click on the links below to learn some other coin tricks. They were all added by other budding magicians who visited this page.

Coin Vanish 
THE EFFECT: A coin is clearly placed into the magicians hand. The magician rubs the back of his fist and the coin vanishes! A great quick seemingly …

Coin Through Table 
THE EFFECT: The magician places a coin on the table for all to see. He slides it to the end of the table so he can pick it up. The magician …

Handkerchief Coin Trick 
THE EFFECT: The magician shows a handkerchief and a coin. The magician places the coin into the handkerchief, then shakes it and the coin …

Coin Through Balloon 
THE EFFECT: The magician shows a regular glass with a balloon stretched over the mouth secured with a rubber band. A coin is seen on top of the …

Stacking Coins 
THE EFFECT: The magician borrows two coins and is able to balance them on top of each other, when no other spectator can. THE SECRET:

Ghost Coin 
THE EFFECT: You display a coin and place it in a fold of the material of your trousers. A spectator is allowed to feel the coin to make sure it's …

Money From Thin Air 
THE EFFECT: This fantastic free "money from thin air" magic trick will fool your audience every time as a fountain of dollar bills flow from your …

Coin in Matchbox Vanish/Reappearance 
THE EFFECT: A coin is clearly placed in a matchbox, with a magical gesture it completely vanishes! Just as quick it reappears again. An amazing …

Disappearing Coin 
THE EFFECT: You place a coin on your palm and cover it with a handkerchief. You go round to several spectators to feel under the handkerchief …

Strike Vanish 
THE EFFECT: The magician shows a coin in one hand and a pen in the other. The magician strikes the coin and it instantly vanishes! THE

Now You See It, Now You Don't 
THE EFFECT: You place a coin into your left hand and close it into a fist. When you open it the coin has completely and utterly vanished! …

Coin Vanish V2 
THE EFFECT: You take a coin and push it in your closed fist, with a magical blow of the mouth you open your hand and reveal the coin has totally …

Coin Through Tic Tac Box 
THE EFFECT: The magician borrows a penny then shows an empty Tic Tac box. The magician takes the penny and then slams it right through Tic …

Sandwich Secrets 
THE EFFECT: Taking an ordinary and ungimmicked bread roll off the table, you break it open to find a coin inside! THE SECRET:

Torn and Restored Penny 
THE EFFECT: A penny is passed out for examination. The year and any identifying marks are remembered. The magician takes the penny back and …

THE EFFECT: The magician takes a coin and makes it vanish. He takes a cookie which has been in plain view at all times, brakes it in half and …

Bill through Bill 
THE EFFECT: Two borrowed bills are folded length wise. One bill is wrapped around the other, but as if by magic they visually melt through each …

Travelling Coins 
THE EFFECT: A coin is held in one hand, both hands are placed quickly face down on the table. The hands are lifted to reveal the coin has passed …

Signed Coin Through Card Box 
THE EFFECT: The magician takes a regular pack of playing cards and borrows a coin. The spectator can sign their coin if they wish. The magician …

The Switch 'n' Double 
THE EFFECT: You show the audience a coin in your hand. You tell them about the French Drop sleight of hand, but how there is a better …

Coin from Matchbox 
THE EFFECT: You show an empty matchbox and close it. You turn the matchbox over and open it in a spectators hand, amazingly a coin drops out …

The Great Coin Trick 
THE EFFECT: Learn an amazingly simple coin vanish. With a magic mat, coin, tube and a glass. THE SECRET: Watch the video below for …

Coin Vanish & Reappearance 
THE EFFECT: The magician takes a borrowed coin and simply makes it vanish, only later to pull the coin out of the owners pocket (no assistant …

Amazing Coin Vanish! 
THE EFFECT: You display a coin to a spectator. You show both hands empty and roll up your sleeves (if you're wearing any). You place the coin …

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Bill Flip Trick 
THE EFFECT: You show a bill the right way up, fold it a few times in half then when you open it the bill is upside down! A great quick trick that …

The Penny Tails 
THE EFFECT: The magician spins a penny on the table and it comes down tails at least 95 times out of a hundred spins. THE SECRET:

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