Aces High

by Cameron Whitehead
(Eugene OR United States)

THE EFFECT: The four aces appear on top of four packs even though the spectator mixes them up!

THE SECRET: Before the performance place all four aces on top of the deck. You can perform a few false shuffles in front of the spectator so they think the deck is mixed. A perfect false shuffle is the Jog False Shuffle.

Tell your spectator to cut the deck into four roughly equal piles (make sure you know where the aces are). Then tell them to pick up the opposite pile of cards to the one with the aces on it (obviously don't tell them about the aces).

Ask them to take three cards from the top of the pile they picked up and put them on the bottom of the pile. Then take another three cards from the pile they picked up and put them one on each other pile on the table. Tell them to do the same thing with the next three piles.

When they come to the last pile (the pile with the aces) tell them to do the same thing as the other three piles they did previously. When this has been done all four aces are on the top of the four piles.

Explain to your audience the most wanted cards are aces and then get them to flip over the top card on each pile. They will be shocked to see the aces on top of each pile! THANK YOU.

Here is a demonstration video of the effect and secret:


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Feb 17, 2011
by: Mackenzie Tyler

omg this trick is amazing im going to perform this trick in front of my class cuz we have to find a magic trick and then perform it infront of out class so thank u i hope my teacher and class loves this trick as much as i do

Jun 03, 2010
by: shouvik sarkar


Jun 03, 2010
by: shouvik sarkar

very nice trick

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