Card Through Window V2

by Eddie Green
(Palm Coast, FL)

THE EFFECT: A spectator is given a free choice of any card. The card is signed and shuffled back into the deck. The spectator shuffles the cards to ensure that the card is really lost.

The magician then tells the spectator to hold the cards face down against a window and to mix them all around in a huge mess. The magician walks around to the other side of the glass, shows both hands completely empty then pulls the spectator's SIGNED card right THROUGH the window!

PREPARATION: NONE! Totally impromptu.

THE EFFECT: After the spectator signs their card have them place it on top of the deck. Do a false shuffle. I use the Jog False Shuffle which is where you shuffle off a few cards regularly in the standard overhand shuffle. Then you slide or "jog" the next card about an inch towards you, so that it sticks out closest to you. Continue to shuffle on top of this. Then reach under that "marker" card and throw those cards on top. You can learn the jog shuffle in more detail HERE.

All that did was create the illusion that the cards were shuffled, but in fact you just brought their card back to the top!

Now misdirect their attention by talking to them and making eye contact. As you do this palm or "secretly hide" the top card in your hand. To do this, just slide the top card back about an inch and then cover it with your hand. Cup your hand and this will allow the card to stay hidden in your palm. Keep it in a natural position. Spectators shouldn't suspect what you just did.

Hand them the deck and allow them to shuffle it. While they are doing that secretly put some saliva on the back of the card. Put a good amount of saliva on it. Alternatively use some magicians wax.

Tell the sprctator to hold onto the deck and follow you to the nearest window. Tell them to spread the cards all over the window, but to make sure they hold them up. Go over to the other side and under cover of the spread cards, stick the card to the window with the saliva on it. Just act as if your "locating" their card and stick it on.

Now you can show both hands completely empty because the card is stuck to the window! Pretend to reach through the glass with great effort. You can even bang on the window to display the impossible nature of what's going to happen.

Cover their card with one hand and then SLOWLY begin to pull it out of the cover of your hand. It will look like you're actually pulling it through the window! Finally show their signature and accept your applause for performing the greatest card through window anybody has ever seen!

People say they ACTUALLY feel you reaching through the glass. This effect will really build you up as a great street magician. Enjoy!

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Aug 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

do you know howto do the where the magician throws the cards to the window and the signed card is on the other side

May 20, 2011
card thru window comment
by: Ivan

the effect really very good it was done by david copperfeild and you can change in to version 2 good trick

Jan 02, 2009
Hoo!!! Dat Was Great!!!
by: nhoks

It was very cool I was really searching for that. Thanks for sharing.

Jun 19, 2008
already know
by: Jack of 25

I already know that trick, but yes its a great trick for one or two persons.

Jun 18, 2008
Freakin' Awesome!!!
by: Anonymous

This is THE greatest Card Thru Window effect ever created! I always wanted to know how this version was done... thanks A LOT!!!

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