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THE EFFECT: You show an ordinary pack of playing cards. You spread the deck and remove one card. Taking this card you place an unprepared match on top of the card. Waving your other hand with a magical gesture the match begins to float upwards off the card.

It continues to float upwards a full two inches above the card. While it hovers in mid air you take another card and swipe it above, then under the match to show it really is unsupported.

The match slowly floats back down again and you take your applause! Watch the effect below then learn card tricks revealed...

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THE SECRET: For this card tricks revealed effect you will need an ordinary pack of playing cards and some thin thread or magician's invisible string. Alternatively you can just purchase the Floating Match Trick in our magic store.

Take any card from the deck and a length of invisible thread. With clear tape stick one end of the thread to the face of the card in the bottom left hand corner. Begin to wind the thread around the card about three times then stick the other end to the opposite corner on the face of the card.

card tricks revealed

You should end up with a playing card with about three lengths of invisible thread running across the back of the card.

To finish the gimmick stick another card over the face of the original card with glue or double stick tape to hide the strings on the face.

TIP: If you can get playing cards where the pattern on the back covers the whole back (without a white border) then these cards are the best for this trick. A complete busy background hides the invisible thread perfectly.

To perform the effect you need to look like you are randomly picking a card from the deck. To do this have the gimmicked card in the middle of the deck.

Now because this card is double the thickness of a normal card it is very easy to locate in the deck. Either riffle through the deck and stop at the gimmicked card, or do as I did in the performance video and spread the deck, then take out the gimmicked card.

Hold the card face down in your hand between your thumb and fingers. Place the match on top of the card across all three invisible thread strings.

To make the match float upwards slowly push the edges of the card together so it begins to bend downwards. The card will come away from the match but the invisible string will hold the match up, giving the illusion the match is floating!

At this point you can take another card swipe it over the top of the match then push it under the match (and under the strings) to prove nothing is supporting it.

To make the match float back down simply move your thumb and fingers slowly apart again. The playing card will straighten out and the match will look like it is floating back down.

As soon as you have finished the effect place the gimmicked card back into the deck and give it a shuffle. You are then left completely clean.

TIP: Invisible thread is very hard to see. That said you do not want to perform the trick right under the spectator's nose just in case they have a keen eye and spot the thread!

Invisible thread can also be used for the cool Floating Dollar Bill or the Bottle Cap Levitation.


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