Card Vanish and Reappearance

by Rylen Pimienta
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

THE EFFECT: Two random spectators are gathered. The magician hands one of them two regular playing cards for examination. While one spectator examins the cards the other picks a card from the deck.

Once the card has been chosen it is placed on top of the deck and shuffled. The deck is given to the spectators so they may find the card, the two cards are given back to the magician.

Once the deck is searched, it is found that the card is missing! The magician shows the spectator the two cards, waves the cards over the deck and the chosen card mysteriously appears in between the two cards.

PREPARATION: None just a regular deck of cards.

THE SECRET: Pick two cards at random from the deck and hand them to one of the spectators. While they examine the cards, get the other spectator to chose a card from the deck.

When they have their card put it on top of the deck and do a false shuffle so the card remains on top. You can learn a false shuffle HERE.

Now when you give the deck to the spectator to find their card, palm the top card (ie. hide it in your hand) and give them the deck. Then ask for the other two cards. While they are both looking for the card put the chosen card in between the two other cards.

Do this so that only the two other cards are visible in a mini fan and the chosen card is hidden under one of the two, cards face up. When they find out their card has vanished, tell them to hold the deck in their hand.

Wave the two cards over the deck fast, while doing this separate all cards so that the spectators card comes into view between the other two cards. The chosen card will look like it appeared between the two cards!

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Jun 15, 2008
not to good for me
by: Drix

this is the variation of david blaine ace shake, palming the card is hard to do if your hands are small. theres other way to done this trick in very easy way.

Jun 11, 2008
Very nice
by: Anonymous

I like this but if you post up a video of it it would be great

Jun 11, 2008
Nicely done
by: Howdousaymyname

I like the set up and the directions for this card trick you made it really simle to understand and the fact it is one of the best tricks helps too lol

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