Colour Print

by Debayan
(West Bengal, India)

THE EFFECT: The magician spreads the pack and tells the spectator to choose a card from the deck, however the spectator happens to choose a totally blank card! The magician takes the card and with a flick makes a card face appear!

For the finale he presses the card on his forearm and instantly transfers the print from the card to his arm. The card is now blank and the magicians arm has the spectators card printed on it!

THE SECRET: Set up the pack by placing a picture card on top of the deck then a blank card on top of the picture card. You need to force the blank card on the spectator. (Learn a simple force by signing up to this site HERE. You get a free digital book with great forces in it!)

Take the blank card from the spectator and place it face up on the deck, under this card is the picture card. Perform a Double Lift and then the Cool Card Change very well explained by our excellent magic tutor Simon Crack.

How do you get the card to appear on your forearm? You need to have it there ahead of time. You can get transfer tattoos or even a semi permanent one if you are feeling brave (and are old enough!).

You should wear a long sleeve shirt to cover the already made tatoo on your arm. Say "I am going to show you something even more crazy." Use this as misdirection and place the picture card below the blank card on the deck.

Perform another Double Lift and show the face card, let them rub the face so that they are sure the colour is permanent. Hold the cards firmly so that the hidden card does not get exposed with the rubbing.

Now turn the cards face down on the deck and slide off the blank card holding it face down. Press the card on your wrist and slide the card up onto your forearm where the tattoo is.

You are also sliding your sleeve up. Because of your hand they will not see the tattoo. Press the card hard and then show the blank card and the tattoo on your arm!

TIP: Always choose a picture card as when you do the flick change it's more effective. Also wear a long sleeve loose fitting shirt which is easy to slide up.


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May 29, 2013
by: Ardhendu Shekhar

this trick is very good if anyone practice well

Apr 13, 2009
not bad
by: malek

Its hard to get tattos with cards on it, u see?
good trick but only 4 stars

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