Here is another cool coin vanish. One of the best easy magic tricks for kids. It's so quick if you blink you can miss it! I really like this trick, it's very visual for your spectators and I even ran a little competition with this trick (competition results below).

You borrow a coin from a spectator and place the coin for all to see on the palm of your hand. All you do is close your fist and open it again and it vanishes!

A really clean looking coin vanish. Watch the effect in action below then learn how to do it...

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THE SECRET: Children love coin tricks and this is one of the most fun easy magic tricks for kids. To do this effect all you need is some double sided stick tape or magician's wax.

Place a small bit of tape or magician's wax to the nail of your middle finger (pic 1). I used quite a large white bit in my video so you could see it on camera but in a real performance you only really need a small piece of clear tape or wax which will be unnoticeable to your spectator.

Place the coin you are going to vanish on the palm of your hand, slightly off center towards your thumb (pic 2). This is the ideal position to be able to vanish the coin cleanly.

Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

Begin to close your hand, curling your fingers into your fist. You should find that the coin will stick to your fingernail, open your hand again and the coin will look as though it has vanished. It is in fact stuck on the back of your middle finger.

The move will take a little bit of practice to ensure that when the coin sticks to your fingernail and you open your hand the coin is not visible behind your fingertips.

While you are performing the trick you can use your second hand to provide a little bit of cover while the coin is being stuck to the back of your fingernail (pic 3). You will notice in the performance video above I show both methods.

*COMPETITION* RESULTS: For a bit of fun with this trick I initially just uploaded my performance video to YouTube without the reveal and invited my subscribers to upload video responses to show how they think the effect was done.

The competition is now closed however I thought you would like to check out the video submissions. So here they are:

Thank you to all who submitted a video response. The winner of the competition who uploaded the correct method in the quickest time was "Kit Weathers, USA".

Kit Weathers suggests that using a smaller coin (such as a dime) gives you the ability to spread your fingers once the coin has vanished.

This is because a smaller coin is able to totally hide behind the one finger giving a better effect - Thanks Kit!


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