A classic glass magic trick - If you have been doing magic for a while you will have definitely seen this illusion. It's in all the books and has been around a very long time. However I've added a couple of 'twists' of my own which I think you might like.

THE EFFECT: The magician borrows a coin from a spectator and places it on the table. An upturned glass is shown and placed over the coin. Instantly and very visually the coin vanishes. The glass is removed and the coin immediately reappears. (Sound familiar? - here are my variations...)

The magician shows the upturned glass has nothing inside. With a click of the fingers a coin appears under the glass with no explanation of how it appeared. The magician is able to make it vanish again just as quick.

For the final kicker the magician takes a coin taps it on the side of the upturned glass and it penetrates right through into the glass. Watch the glass magic trick in action below, then learn exactly how to do it...

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The secret to this glass magic trick is so simple and the gimmick is very easy to make. Now depending on what surface you are performing on you will need to cut out a circle of material that will fit over the mouth of an ordinary transparent drinking glass (pic 1).

In the video I performed on a white table, so naturally I cut out a circle of white paper and temporarily glued it with some glue stick to the mouth of the glass.

Similarly if you are performing on a black table you could use some black paper or thin card. What works really well is if you have an actual magician's performance mat and gimmick the glass with a piece of cloth from another duplicate mat.

I often perform this trick on a small baize covered table (you know the type of cloth/felt you get on pool or snooker tables). I have cut a circle out of another matching piece of material to blend into my table perfectly.

TIP: Use the upturned glass as a template to draw round and cut out to get the circle of material/paper to fit over the mouth of the glass perfectly.

ROUTINE 1: To perform the glass magic trick begin with the upturned glass (now gimmicked) on the table. Have a small coin on the table ready or ask to borrow one from your spectator (pic 2).

Gripping the glass at the bottom (near the mouth) with your fingers together and facing your spectator (to provide cover so as not to flash inside the glass) place the glass over the coin (pic 3).

Remove your hand and show the coin has vanished (pic 4). To make the coin appear again reverse what you just did. Place your hand round the glass again and lift it off the coin and place it on the table.

ROUTINE 2: To perform the vanish/reappearing coin inside the glass you need to cut the circular piece of material exactly in half and glue it back to the mouth of the glass (pic 5). Place the upturned glass onto the table with gimmicked half nearest your spectator (away from you).

This way you can place a coin under the glass in the half section that does not have the gimmick. To make the coin vanish simply move the glass slightly towards yourself so the gimmick half covers the coin. Move the glass back and the coin has seemingly reappeared again. Remember to make sure your hand covers the glass near the bottom each time you place the glass on and off the coin to protect your angles so you do not flash anything.

ROUTINE 3: For the glass/coin penetration again you will need the half circle gimmick and this time two duplicate coins. To set up the effect simply place one coin under the gimmick (nearest your spectator again). Your spectator should obviously be unaware there are two coins.

Take the second coin and tap it against the glass a few times, when ready tap the coin one last time and at that exact moment move the glass forward and turn it slightly revealing the second coin inside the glass. You can conceal the first coin against the glass and your fingers. Be careful not to turn the glass too far round or the spectator will see the other coin through the glass in your hand.

The last two routines are great to perform if your spectator already knows about the first routine as this can really baffle them!

TIP: For your 'patter' you could explain to your spectator that the glass acts as an invisibility cloak to turn the coin invisible or something along those lines.

TIP: Traditionally with this glass magic trick a 'magic' cloth is placed over the glass while covering the coin and then removed to show the coin has vanished. Feel free to experiment doing the effect that way. However I feel using a cloth to cover the glass is a bit dated now and my handling is much more instant and visual.


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