If you want to learn magic free this is a nifty little trick that is almost self working. I say almost because it does require a couple of easy slights which I will show you.

This looks great but is, in fact quite simple, read on to learn magic free.


THE EFFECT: You show an ordinary pack of playing cards these can be borrowed. The spectator can shuffle the deck if they so wish. You take the deck and ask a spectator to pick a card. A card is chosen and returned to the deck. The deck is then well shuffled.

To further emphasize that the cards are mixed the magician begins to turn batches of ten cards or so upside down in the deck, he keeps doing this throughout the pack. The magician cuts the deck to show some cards are back to front, another cut shows some cards are front to back and a third cut shows that some cards are back to back. The deck is seemingly a complete and utter mixed up mess.

With a magical snap the magician fans the cards to show that the whole deck has reverted back to normal. All cards are facing the same way except one card, the spectators chosen card! Watch the effect below to learn magic free...

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OK, wanna learn magic free? Here is the secret. This trick is very powerful and uses a couple of slights. Watch the reveal video below and learn magic free...

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First off you need to learn a false shuffle or two. In the performance video above I used three (four including the Slip Slop Shuffle, more on this later). If you are just starting out one false shuffle will probably suffice but the more you can incorporate into the routine the more the spectators card looks lost in the deck when in fact it is not.

You need to have total control as to where you want the spectators card to be. This is easier than it sounds. The first shuffle I used above is the False Hindu Shuffle. This shuffle looks like you are mixing the cards but in fact the spectators card remains on top. To do this shuffle begin with the spectators card on top of the deck. Cut a small portion of cards off the top and move it below the deck, keep a break so the portion secretly keeps separate.

Keep stripping cards off the top of the deck into your other hand until you come to your original portion which you then place back on top. The result is that you have shuffled some of the cards but retained the spectators card on top. With the next shuffle you need to get the spectators card to the bottom of the deck.

Now you can do a simple over hand shuffle like I did in the performance video above and simply strip off the top card (spectators card) and place it on the bottom. Then continue the over hand shuffle but taking cards from the middle of the deck to place in front. This will retain the spectators card at the bottom of the deck.

Another method is to use the Jog Shuffle which you can learn HERE. In this instance you would jog the top card (spectators card) back half an inch, shuffle the cards on top of it, then grab a break below the spectators card and place these on top of the deck. This would leave the spectators card again on the bottom of the deck.

Whichever method you use you should end up with the spectators card on the bottom of the deck. The last shuffle I used was the Riffle Shuffle. I just made sure I kept the spectators card at the bottom. Now begin the Slip Slop Shuffle by taking ten cards or so and turning them upside down on the deck. Go deeper into the deck and turn more cards over. Make sure each time you do this you go deeper into the deck or else you will mess it up!

When you get to the last card in the pack (the spectators card) turn the whole deck over and place the spectators card on top of the deck. Believe it or not the cards are not that mixed up. Apart from the spectators card on top of the deck you will have one half of the deck facing one way and the other half facing the other. Try it, it works!

You obviously do not want the spectators to realize this so you sell the fact they are mixed up. First cut deep into the deck (below the middle) and show that some cards are back to front. Then cut nearer the top (above the middle) and show some cards are front to back. Finally cut right in the center and show that some cards are back to back. In reality these are the only cards back to back.

So how are you able to cut directly in the center of the deck? Well this is easier that it sounds. When cards are back to back they break naturally at that point due to the way they bend slightly. So it is just a case of feeling where the break is and separating the cards.

TIP: While you perform the actions actually say to the spectator "As you can see some cards are back to front, some cards are front to back while other cards are back to back" This really emphasizes that the cards are mixed when really they are not.

When you show the back to back cards all you need to do is secretly turn the top half of the deck over then place it back on the deck and square it up. What you have just done is to correct the order of the deck apart from the spectators card which will be face up.

Now all that is left for you to do is give a magical gesture like snapping your fingers or waving your hands over the cards then fan the deck to reveal it is back to normal apart from once card which is face up - the spectators card. Your audience are guaranteed to be amazed!


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