Make any cards seem like they are magic cards! 

This is a neat little card change trick that is so clean and fast, your audience will beg you to do it again!

  The performer shows a clear plastic card case, and places a card inside. Instantly, the card inside changes into an entirely different card! Extremely visual magic at it's best!

Super easy to do

Very little setup required

Very visual

Perfect for table hopping

Eye popping magic


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 For this trick, you’ll need a special Card Vanish Case it has very special checkered markings on it and contains a transparent piece of plastic that has a card design printed on it with a similar checkered pattern.

When the fake card is sitting just right in the case, all the printed parts of the gimmicked card are hidden. It can be revealed by sliding the card just a little bit. (Pics 1 & 2)

magic cardsPic 1
magic cardsPic 2

Here’s a closeup view of the card. You can see its grid patterns. (Pic 3)

The card is intentionally slightly longer than its case. This will allow you to push it up or down secretly with one of your fingers, which will hide or reveal the card quickly. (Pic 4)

If you do it just right, the audience won’t even realize you’ve moved it! ;-)

magic cardsPic 3
magic cardsPic 4

This is a pretty versatile trick, you can force a card on a spectator and have a duplicate of it in the case. Show the gimmick card - and ask, "is that your card?" when they say no - instantly change it into their card!

Alternatively force the gimmicked card on them - show an empty case and instantly produce their card.

You should play with the gimmick to practice the transition. You can make the card change instantly with a quick press or more slowly with a slower press, it just depends on how you want to perform it. It's really fun to play with!

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