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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top Secret Stories from Famous Magicians

New Book Reveals a First Time Look into the World’s Most Openly Secret Society

Moorpark, CA –
Magicians are known to the world for their devotion to mystery, illusion and secrets. Over the centuries many have speculated on how tricks are accomplished but never before has there been a deeper look into this classified community of professionals. In a tell-all book, over 75 world renowned magicians will share over 100 unbelievable stories. Tales about illusions that have gone terribly wrong, death, conspiracies among rival magicians, live television mishaps, being shot, airplane passenger assaults, animal disasters and so much more.

You will even find stories about Michael Jackson just before he died, Paul McCartney, the Beatles, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Houdini.

Interview the lead author Magic’s Most Amazing Stories, Ivan Amodei, and find out:

Stories about famous Las Vegas magicians like Mac King
What are magicians’ greatest and most frequent calamities?
Why the risk of death is more frequent than the audience might think?
Why is Houdini the most famous magician of all time? Is it his skill, or something more shocking?
What is it like when a 5-ton elephant wakes up “not in the mood?”
Is there in fact a secret organization that governs true magicians, or is there more of an unspoken code?
What is a near death experience like when it happens in front of thousands of people on stage?
Has a magician ever died from performing a dangerous trick?

Magic’s Most Amazing Stories - A Collection of Incredible Stories from World Famous Magicians (ISBN13 978-0615312507) is compiled by multiple Award-Winning Magician, Ivan Amodei, and will be available through bookstores nationwide and online in July 2010. For more up to date information, or to order advance copies pre release copies also at Houdini’s in all 7 major casinos, visit

Media professionals interested in interviewing Ivan Amodei are encouraged to contact Matt Brown: 805 660 0553

Ivan is a multiple award-winning magician and is considered the best in his field. He is often sought after for advice by top professionals and peers. A favorite at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, Ivan also frequently performs celebrities including Steven Spielberg, Larry David, Sylvester Stallone, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Zack Braff, Mike Myers, Nick Cage and Jim Carrey to name a few.

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