Signed Card Colour Vanish

by Debayan
(West Bengal, India)

THE EFFECT: The magician writes a playing card prediction on a piece of paper and hands it to a spectator for safe keeping. Another spectator picks a card at random and signs it on both sides. Once signed it is sandwiched in the spectators hands face down.

The magician asks for the prediction back off the first spectator. The prediction is shown to be wrong! It's written that "You will pick nothing!" When the magician snaps his fingers the prediction becomes reality as the spectator turns over the signed card to reveal it now has a blank face!

THE SECRET: First hand a spectator the prediction which you have purposely written wrong. A blank playing card should be placed on top of the deck ahead of time.

Now tell the second spectator to pick a card, memorize it then place it on top of the deck. Now you need to get the blank card ON TOP of the spectators card. You can do this in a couple of ways.

First misdirect them by saying "Have you ever heard a magician can never fail?". Say this and look directly into their eyes, if you make eye contact they should too giving you the time to swap the top two cards so the blank is now on top of the deck.

The second ways is to palm the blank card in your hand before the spectator places the card on top of the deck. As soon as they place the card on top pretend to square up the pack and place the blank card on top in the process.

Next you have to perform a Double Lift turning the two top cards over as one. Let the spectator sign their card on it's face. Turn it over again and let them sign it on the back. Actually they have signed the back of the blank card.

Slide off the top (blank) card but hold it face down. Get them to sandwich the card between there hands face down. They will not notice it's a blank card!

Now reveal the prediction and pretend that you have failed, acting ashamed! Say, "I write so many predictions, I have brought the wrong one, I will have to try a little magic!". Then snap your fingers and say "Now my prediction is correct".

Get them to look at the card and they will find that they are now holding a blank card! As their signature is on the back they will believe you have wiped the card blank!

At the end of the trick say "See, I told you a magician can never fail, especially when it's me!".

TIP: You can buy blank face playing cards or you can remove the ink off the face using a rubber or better yet some alcohol.

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Mar 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

Awesome man!

Mar 03, 2009
quite nice
by: Anonymous

this is a marvellous trick.Who ever that "Anonymous" guy is .. he does nt understand anything about this art.Carry on ... u shall be a good magician oneday,debayan.

Feb 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

It aint very good.

Nov 01, 2008
Khub Vallo
by: Shuvo

very good dude, nice u will b good maagician in future

Sep 17, 2008
Magician n Training
by: frikkie

Nice trick

Sep 13, 2008
Token of Appreciation
by: Sayan

Nice trick dude. This will surely awe quite a few carry on.

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