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Do you know any free mentalism tricks? Show them off to the world and teach us a trick or too. Do you think you could be the next Uri Geller?
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What's Your Favourite Mentalism Trick?

Do you know any amazing free mentalism tricks. Do you think you could be the next Uri Geller or Derren Brown? Then teach us the effects!

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Learn Other Visitors' Free Mentalism Tricks

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Skittle Prediction 
THE EFFECT: The magician is able to predict exactly what color skittle a spectator will pick from a cup containing all colours. Amazing, but how? …

Learn Black Magic 
THE EFFECT: An audience member picks any object in a room and then tells it to the magician's assistant while the magician is blind folded or …

Amazing Mind Reading 
THE EFFECT: You introduce a book that has over 700 pages and 20,000 words to your spectator. You say you want as much "randomness" as possible, …

Card Mentalism 
THE EFFECT: You borrow a deck of cards claiming you can predict what each card will be from the back of the deck without looking at the …

Mental Reading 
THE EFFECT: The magician writes down the names of four different fruits on four pieces of paper. The magician folds them up and asks a spectator …

Vegetable Trick! 
THE EFFECT: You ask the spectator 9-10 simple maths questions e.g. 2+2, 3x5, 9-7 etc. You then tell the spectator that you will write down the …

Number Mind Reading 
THE EFFECT: You and a friend approach a spectator and ask him to think of a number. The spectator then whispers this number to your friend …

Psychokinetic Pendulum 
THE EFFECT: You ask a spectator to draw a straight line on a piece of paper roughly 6cm. You then tie a piece of thread to a ring (or small …

Crayon Mind Reading 
THE EFFECT: You are able to successfully identify the colour of a crayon a spectator chooses simply by holding it in your hand without ever …

THE EFFECT: This is a great trick as performed by David Blaine on his T.V show. The magician writes a prediction on a note pad but does …

The Not So Impossible Trick 
THE EFFECT: A spectator says any word that comes to mind (preferably 4 letters) and writes it on a piece a paper. The magician shows his/her …

Impossible Prediction 
THE EFFECT: You ask a spectator to think of a shape. Looking into their eyes you take a piece of paper and write down a prediction of what …

Math Magic 
THE EFFECT: You ask your spectator to think of a number they can easily multiply with. You make the spectator do some mathematical equations, …

Psycho Cups  
THE EFFECT: You are able to predict which cup a spectator has placed an object under every time! THE SECRET: You will need three …

Odds & Ends 
THE EFFECT: The magician is able to guess the number a spectator is thinking. This trick has been performed by a great many magicians including …

Criss Angel's Fork Bend! 
THE EFFECT: You let a spectator examine a normal fork. When they are satisfied you take it back and shake it. Commanding the fork to bend …

Your Number Is... 
THE EFFECT: Think of a number, double it, add 8, divide it by 2, now subtract it by the first number you started with. Your answer is 4 . …

Ultimate Telepathy 
THE EFFECT: Have someone choose a number between 1 and 5. Once they've got their number, have them put their fingers behind their back to show …

Banana Split Magic Trick 
THE EFFECT: The magician shows a normal banana that has not yet been peeled. Anyone can check out the banana. By the use of his mind the …

Revealing Your Thoughts 
THE EFFECT: You reveal a country, an animal and the color of the animal a spectator has only just thought of! THE SECRET:

THE EFFECT: You have a deck of cards and your spectator tells you to stop ANY TIME they want and without looking at the card you show it to your …

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