Fingerprint Card

by John C
(Orem, UT, USA)

THE EFFECT: This is a comedy routine that takes longer to explain than perform. You claim "I am the only person in the world who can determine fingerprints on the back of cards without the aid of fingerprint powder or photographic equipment".

You spread the cards out in a row on the table, not in a fan. You have the spectator TOUCH a card, but not take it out yet. You slide it out toward them scooping up the rest of the cards. You then state "I need to commit to memory the print on your index finger in order to ID it later".

You take their hand in your hand, palm up. Looking very closely, carefully and slowly (you can even use a magnifying glass if you want) at their index finger. While doing this after some time, you look up at them and state proudly "I have committed to memory the print on your index finger!". This usually brings a chuckle.

Look back down at their index finger, studying it some more. Proceed to place their finger on the back of their card....just like they do it at the Police Dept, or in the movies, as if on an ink pad (only without the pad or the ink) rolling it from side to side onto the back of the card. Now state "Oh! I see you have done this before!" another chuckle.

Now get them to pick up the card and memorize it. They can show it around but not to you. You take the card from them with your left hand, if you are right handed, placing it on top of the deck in your left hand. You dovetail (riffle) and overhand shuffle.

Now you state that YOU will tell THEM when you come to their card - not for them to tell you when they see it. (This is because they will see their card before you are ready). You then inform them that "I will look at the back of the card only and by the reflection of the light on the back of the card, I can tell when I come to your card".

You then look at the backs of the cards one at a time stating that "I can see by the reflection of the light that this card is not your card", turn it over face up on top of the deck and then back down on top of the deck. Then slide it off onto the table face down. About the third of fourth card you turn over to display, stating "That's not it, no reflection", they see their card go down on the table and think that they have you.

You examine the next card more closely, holding it out, still on top of the deck, for them to see. Pointing to it you state "I can plainly see from the reflection of the light that this is your card". Wait for their reaction, there may not be any because they are waiting to see what you do.

You turn that card over clearly showing that it actually IS their card! They are stunned. Let them turn over the three or four cards on the table. If they do not, then you turn them over to complete the miracle you have just performed.

THE SECRET: Double lifts are involved, also controlled shuffling. When the spectators memorises the card you replace it back on the deck and perform a fake riffle and overhand shuffle. This ensures the spectators card is still on top of the deck.

Perform one last overhand shuffle and leave three cards on top of the spectators card. You know that their card is the fourth from the top. The double lift is done on the third flip, exposing their card. Then turning the double back down, you slide off the top card on to the table. They think that is their card!!

You proceed to work your magic and finish the miracle by showing that you have their card still on top of the deck, and that it is not one of the three face down cards on the table. ENJOY!

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Aug 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

amazing card trick,keep up good work

Jan 19, 2012
by: theprodigy

Wonderful creativity. Good use and incorporation of the simple double lift to make a stunning effect

Dec 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

I cant wait to try this one out on people they will be stunned!
Also I have a magic show coming up and I need a killer card opener...

Aug 27, 2008
by: Debayan

A really impressive card trick! Please leave a comment on my Deck Colour Change trick. Hope you like it!

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